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Testing the Water Level Sensor System


  • Water level sensor

    • located in the pool

    • e.g. PEM L104-48, WALL MOUNTED, 3” overall flow, ¾” electrical conduit, 3 water level floats

  • Water level control panel

    • located in the mechanical room

    • e.g. PEM L104-100A, 115 VAC input, 24 VAC output for solenoid valve

  • Solenoid valve

    • located in the mechanical room

    • e.g. Buckner VB-15, 24 VAC input, 1.5” FIPT

Functionality Overview:

  • Water level sensor can detect up to 3 water levels in the pool:

  • Operating/normal water level:

    • highest float,

    • control panel light turns green

    • solenoid valve stops filling in water to the pool

  • Water make up level:

    • medium float

    • control panel light turns yellow

    • solenoid valve starts filling in water to the pool

  • Safety shut off level:

    • Lowest float

    • control panel light turns red

    • Stops the system, including the solenoid valve and the pump, to prevent pump from sucking in air

Testing Procedure:

  1. To test the Float Switches with an Ohm Meter:

    1. Float Up = Closed Switch

    2. Float Down = Open Switch

  2. The Control Unit requires positive closing of the circuit to be activated. Accidental fresh water intrusion into the wiring connections will not cause the unit to be activated but water with a high salt content may activate the unit.

  3. After the installation is completed and the pool into which the Sensor is to be installed is EMPTY you may turn on the Power Supply.

  4. The Green LED (Power Supply) will be 'ON' immediately. To test control functions lift and hold the Floats on all 3 Switches.

  1. The Yellow LED (Water Make Up) and the Red LED (Safety Shut Off) both require approximately 15 seconds to light up. This built in safety time delay prevents fast cycling due to wave action.

  2. Drop the float on the highest Switch then drop the float on the middle height Switch and the Yellow LED will light up and the Fill Valve will open.

  1. Drop the lowest Switch and the Red LEDwill light up and the Safety Shut Off Circuit will energize.

  1. Lift the lowest Float and nothing will change, lift the the highest Float and the unit will release the Water Make Up and the Safety Shut Off and the Yellow LED and the Red LED will be off.


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