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and Design Development

We understand the importance of excellent design, foresight and a clear plan. Serving leading architectural firms, landscape architects, developers and municipalities, we provide tailored Planning & Design Development services, delivering innovative thinking and expert advice from the early stages of a water feature design project.

Each of our assignments brings a different set of requirements and unique site considerations. Our innovative approach to issues such as energy, water, and building space conservation translates into sustainable designs that satisfy modern architectural challenges. Detailed assessments of visual impact, sound emission, water and energy consumption, the impact of wind, the potential for splash and spray-out, help form the foundation of our award-winning designs. Our Planning & Design Development services may also include technical feasibility reviews and water feature mock-ups to fine-tune water display programs and maximize the effectiveness of the designs for a particular site.

Our extensive experience in water feature design gives us a 360 degree perspective of a project’s design requirements and allows us to provide accurate and detailed documentation of installed systems. We are committed to providing our clients with the best service possible.

Our Construction Documentation sets us apart from the competition and brings our clients back time and again. We provide an exceptionally comprehensive set of construction documents which we believe makes the difference in the successful delivery and longevity of architectural water features. Highly detailed documentation equips our clients with the complete set of tools they need to bring their architectural water designs to fruition while effectively managing project costs and ensuring the best quality installation.

Our Construction Documentation allows for seamless coordination with all disciplines while significantly reducing the occurrence of field changes and project site issues. Documentation typically includes detailed fountain piping and layout plans, pool sections, mechanical and control schematics, flow calculations and hydraulic modeling, mechanical room plans and sections, equipment scheduling and detailing of specialized components that interface with landscape or building architecture. Our documentation adheres to the highest industry standards and is delivered digitally for optimum project timing.

We work closely with the project design team to coordinate mechanical, electrical and architectural requirements with all parties. Throughout the duration of a project, we are available to provide comprehensive and clear guidance for our clients’ trades so that they may execute the design with precision and maintain the project schedule and budget, regardless of whether they have specific water feature construction experience. We know that questions will arise. We communicate openly with our clients and their teams and are always available to provide support by responding quickly to requests for information from the construction site and provide clarification to documentation as required.






We partner with our clients at every step to ensure the successful completion of their architectural water project. As a dedicated firm of experts we are well positioned to integrate with client project teams to provide guidance and project management support at the construction stage. Our proactive Construction Administration services are configured to ensure the water feature construction stage is successfully executed by all parties involved.

Our Construction Administration services include the evaluation of bids, review of submittal documents, assistance with contract negotiations, responding to requests for information from the field, site reviews, reporting on progress, and commissioning & testing assistance. Prior to project completion we carry out a full site inspection and deliver a verification report on the functionality of the operating systems. At the final stages of a project we work with installation trades to ensure building managers and operators are oriented and trained in systems operations.

We will also typically develop and provide a complete set of manuals for operation and maintenance procedures. All our water feature mechanical system designs are optimized to reduce long-term maintenance efforts however we are always available to answer questions and provide support as required.


As an optional service we offer our clients material and equipment sourcing and procurement. Depending on the particular circumstances specific to the project, this can help save time and money and avoid on-site coordination issues.

With over thirty years of experience in water feature project design and client support, we bring a deep understanding of the products and components available on the market and can exactly match these to meet a specific design. In the case of large or complex water feature projects this integration of design and supply can help avoid costly construction delays and allow projects to advance as smoothly as possible.

Our relationships with trusted suppliers and manufacturers allow us to procure competitively and quickly. Through our experience we have gained a unique knowledge of what products work well together. By using a combination of suppliers and manufacturers we can create custom component packages that are mechanically superior and offer the best value for money.


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